La Maison des Archis

La Maison des Archis exclusively sells kitchens from the Italian brand Snaiderobut, it lacks communication materials. Indeed, the brand only provides photographs of the kitchens, thus not showing the whole layout of the kitchens and their practical features.
I was then missioned to produce presentation videos of the showroom’s kitchens.
The kitchens costing a minimum of 20,000€, the video must therefore be of very good quality and show all the luxury materials that make up the kitchen. Viewers should be able to see the exceptional dimension of these kitchens and the value of going to Maison des Archis to design their very own kitchen. 

Initially I made a video dedicated to the Opera design to show the client what was possible. They liked the commercial very much and La Maison des Archis decided to order me two more videos focusing on the Vision and Frame models.


La Maison des Archis

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