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MédiévAR Mockup

As part of the « Problematization and Creativity » course I took during my year in Canada, we had to complete an « Honors Project ». The idea was to challenge ourselves to imagine and create a project of our choice in less than a week.

I immediately wanted to create an augmented reality application because it is a technology that we are seeing more and more and that intrigues me. This project was the perfect opportunity for me to train myself and practice on an application using this technology. That’s how I created MediévAR.

Kids are passionate about building games, whether they are real bricks or imaginary cubes on a computer. With MediévAR, I wanted to combine the two: to allow a child to build with his hands and in reality, a very virtual world. With the help of a dozen printed « targets », a child can create his own medieval world and arrange buildings and other elements as he wishes (Cottage, Well, Campfire, Forest, etc.). Then, by looking through the screen of the application he can bring his world to life and replace the targets with real objects in augmented reality. From that moment on, he is free to explore the world, to move, to move closer or to rearrange the elements, all accompanied by a musical atmosphere.

The playful approach does not stop there because the child can make a knight appear that he can control and make evolve in the environment using a joystick. Two buttons are also available to attack or change the knight’s avatar (and have a women warrior). As a child, a last « event » card makes a giant dragon appear around the Cottage and travel around the room. Ready to face this dragon?

Although complicated to make, this game allowed me to discover the world of AR and to learn the basics of Unity that I had never used before. It’s a software that I really enjoyed and that I quickly reused for a new project: PIC (check out my portfolio).



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