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The action is taking place in a galaxy far, far away… When the Empire fell, it was decided to destroy the entire fleet. However, you have been left for dead in a drifting Imperial Star Destroyer just minutes from self-destruction. Your only way out? Search for some lightsabers to extract the Kyber crystals needed to open the escape portal. But be careful, the ship is huge and you could get lost…

Portal Escape is a small video game that I made with a group of two students during our courses of OpenGL, Object Oriented Programming and Software Architecture. We had only 10 days to create a video game that was both contemplative and challenging.

Star Wars has been a huge inspiration for us, as the player’s goal was to collect lightsabers scattered around every corners of a drifting Star Destroyer…

This was an incredibly challenging and complicated project. Indeed, our knowledge was limited to knowing how to code a sphere and apply a texture to it! We had to learn a lot in a short time about how to import 3D objects, how to animate them and how to program interactions, all this in C++ and OpenGL.

The game can still be improved, new levels can be added but I am already very proud of this first version!

I took the liberty of adding features to enhance the game experience:

  • Using SDL_Mixer to play music and sound effects
  • Creation of an interface class that displays HUDs (created on Photoshop) depending on the player’s actions.
Portal Escape - Plan
Portal Escape - Map
Portal Escape - Diagramme de Classes
Portal Escape - Class Diagrams


Star Wars : Portal Escape

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