Stick Your Life

In the summer of 2019, I was approached by Stick Your Life International to do their company website. They offer a creationand printing service for custom sticker albums.

The website was intended both for individuals wishing to make « the album of their life » but also for professionalsand institutional. Indeed, they have also made many albums for amusement parks (such as Ok Corral and Parc Spirou), aquariums, cities, sports clubs or even car dealerships.

I suggested making quite different landing pages for each of the entities (Stick Your LifeStick Your Park, Stick Your Carand Stick Your Club) so that the client would land directly on the information he or she was looking for and not be parasitized by the other services offered. The site functions as a showcase where it is possible to flip throughthe albums made, accessthe brochures, read testimonials and contact the company. It was made using WordPressvia Elementor.


Stick Your Life

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