Adventure Bay
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Logo - Adventure Bay
Logo - Adventure Bay

During my first year of Engineering School, I had the chance to be able to put my creativity and passion for themed parks to good use in my applied arts class.

We were encouraged to imagine (in pair) a fictional theme park and create the map of this park, its logo, all its signage, and the poster of an attraction.

The park is arranged around a large lake where visitors can discover 4 ports representing the most remarkable places on the planet: welcome to Adventure Bay!

Set during the Victorian era, the theme park focuses on the achievements of Balthazar Stafford, a seasoned explorer in the service of the crown. Adventure Bay offers you to follow his adventures through multiple immersive attractions, numerous themed restaurants and shows for the whole family. Your journey begins at Victorian Pier, Balthazar Stafford’s hometown overlooking the great Adventure Bay. Here you will find many attractions including Airship Journey, a trip aboard an airship alongside our famous adventurer. This flying theater is the real starting point of your day at Adventure Bay since it will allow you to discover the different places Balthazar explored! Then it will be possible for you to visit them on foot by following our circuit around the lake.

Three more lands are waiting for you! The first one is The Lost Land of Atlantis, an eventful expedition to the lost continent of Atlantis. Unlock the secrets of Greek mythology aboard Poseidon’s Rapids or journey to the heart of Atlantis in Journey to Atlantis. But, beware of the Kraken!

Then you will be able to visit the charming port of Zhujiang and discover Imperial China as well as its mysteries… The highlight of your journey is undoubtedly Mystic Manor! This manor house belonging to Balthazar Stafford himself, is full of objects brought back from his various expeditions. A quiet visit awaits you as long as you don’t open the enchanted music box…

Finally, go deep into the Amazon in search of Mayan ruins and legends. Yucatán Channel offers you the chance to take an eventful ride on Yucatán’s sacred canal aboard Jungle Cruise or ride a mine train at Tikaltén Temple.

Adventure Bay promises a day full of adventure, culminating in the lavish Destination: Adventure!, fireworks and water show, performed nightly on the lake.

Adventure Bay - Park Map
Adventure Bay - Park Map

Victorian Pier

Step back in time and visit this famous Victorian-inspired port, home of explorer Balthazar Stafford.


• Airship Journey
• Victorian Carousel
• Absinthe – Green Fairy
• Absinthe – Green Devil
• The Aeronauts


• The Grand Market
• Oskar’s Curiosity Cabinet


• Hyperion Restaurant
• Victorian Food Court

A trip aboard an impressive airship with the famous adventurer: Balthazar Stafford.

This flying theater is the real starting point of your day at Adventure Bay! It will allow you to discover the different places explored by Balthazar!


Balthazar Stafford invites you to visit the mythical lost continent of Atlantis...


• Octopus
• Journey to Atlantis
• Zeus Fury
• Poséidon’s Rapids


• Atlantis Souvenirs
• Poséidon Antiquities


• Edesma
• Dionysos Taverna


Follow Balthazar in an epic adventure in the heart of Atlantis... Thanks to the power of the blue crystal your train is propelled from 0 to 150 km/h in a handful of seconds. The ruins of this lost city will no longer hold any secrets for you, but beware of the Kraken! A sensational attraction reserved for the most courageous.

poséidon's rapids

Discover the secrets of Greek mythology in these tumultuous rapids... Monsters and magical creatures await you! A rafting adventure for the whole family!

Zhujiang Harbour

Visit the charming port of Zhujiang and discover Imperial China and its mysteries...


• Chinese Tea House
• Sky Temple
• Tianlong
• Mystic Manor


• Oriental Furniture
• The Archive Shop


• Sichuan Corner
• Imperial Palace
• Dynasty Qing Noodles
• The Explorer’s Club

mystic manor & mystic point

This mansion, belonging to Balthazar Stafford himself, is full of objects brought back from his various expeditions. A quiet visit awaits you as long as you don't open the enchanted music box... This real museum of the strange will come to life before your eyes!

A major attraction in the park and part of the "Mystic Point" minizone. You can also have lunch or dinner at The Explorer's Club while meeting some of the most famous explorers, or buy merchandise from the attraction at The Archive Shop.

Yucatán Channel

Go to the heart of the Amazon in search of the Mayan ruins and its legends...


• Yucatán’s Jungle Cruise
• Tikaltén Temple
- Show: Balthazar Stafford and the Curse of the Blue Diamond


• The Explorer’s Depot
• Tikaltén Store


• El Mostrador de los Granizados
• Taquería del Sol


The not very recommendable Jungle Cruise company offers daily departures for a trip on the sacred canal of Yucatán. Hippos, crocodiles, snakes and an awakened Mayan divinity, what could possibly go wrong? 


After the discovery of an inscription revealing a curse, the local workers have decided to abandon the reconstruction site of the temple of Tikalten ... Only old wagons remain to transport stones. Will you have the courage to climb aboard one of them?


Adventure Bay

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