Créatis Patrimoine

Shortly after the beginning of my second-year internship, I was given a website project. I had to create a mini site (3 pages) for Creatis Patrimoine to promote their two new real estate programs in Portugal. This website had to give the clients the desire to invest in Portugal and present in detail the two programs. 

I incorporated many CTA (Call To Action) to encourage the visitor to contact the manager.

This site, which I realized alone, was coded entirely by hand, from scratch. I could discover the use of Bootstrap and deepen some notions seen during my technical degree. I added many effects like parallax effects, galleries, and modals (with the contact form or the house map).

The site is fully responsive and has been thought on all platforms.   For example, on mobile, there is a fixed button at the bottom of the screen to contact the manager directly.

The client was very satisfied with the site and did not want to change anything.   It is now online.

Capture d'écran - Créatis Patrimoine
Landing page - Créatis Patrimoine
Modal - Créatis Patrimoine
Modal - Créatis Patrimoine


Créatis Patrimoine

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