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Since I was a kid, I have been passionate about theme parks, especially their history, the way the attractions work and also the way multimedia and new technologies are used to create ever more incredible experiences. Working in this industry has become a real goal for me!

I mentioned this particular interest on my resume and it was this point that caught the attention of the Clic Clic Bang Bang studio.


Indeed, for several years, the communication agency has had as a major client the Magic World amusement park located in Hyères. The agency handles all the event management (organization of shows throughout the season), PRINT communication (posters, flyers, VIP cards, etc.) and WEB (social networks, website).

They saw in me someone who could dedicate himself to the social networks of the park and develop them by posting more regularly than they did, but also someone who could make videos. That’s why they chose me as an intern.

My work for Magic World was twofold: managing the park’s social networks and making a series of videos to promote it.

Social Networks

Magic World is active on three social networks: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. During my internship, I was in charge of publishing on all the networks via the Facebook Business Manager and Buffer (a platform for managing several social networks at once). I had previously made a communication plan including all the planned posts for the entire opening season of the park (from May to September).

In addition to that, I did many spontaneous posts (stories when I was on site, photos of an event, etc.).

My job was not only to write the posts but also to create visuals, including a special design for the 50th anniversary of the amusement park.

Video Making

In order to complete the communication on social networks, I was asked to make some videos. Videos allowed us to create interactions but also to promote the park and its opening date via many sponsored publications.

I had to go several times in the park to do atmospheric shots but also videos inside the attractions.

In total I made about ten videos (some with motion design) whether in 16/9, square format or vertical format for Instagram. Each of them was made for different audiences, we find videos dedicated to the opening, thrill rides, family attractions, new features, which allowed us to diversify our communication and focus on specific elements of the park.





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Magic World

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