Installation Immersive

SURVOL (Fly-over) is a university project of immersive digital installation! This computer program aims to give viewers the sensation of flying over a landscape.

But, what is a fly-over? For us, it is the overcoming of the human. A kind of transcendence where man is given the power to fly. It is a source of sensations: vertigo, speed, power, freedom…

Survol functions according to a procedural generation of landscape based on the use of Perlin noise. The landscape, once generated, is mapped on a cylindrical shape in order to give a realistic and infinite sensation of flight.

In our digital installation, we wanted Man to be a spectator of this landscape, by placing him in front of a huge curved screen. But that’s not all, he is also and above all an actor since he can control the smallest details via a MIDI console: the flora, the hilly landscape, the textures but also the direction, the speed or the inclination of the flight/camera.

A project entirely made in Processing in the second year of engineering school. Several applications are conceivable for such a device: Interactive installation (in an exhibition), Theater set ( considered for the show Peter Pan at Bobino), Video, Biology (in order to simulate the journey in an intestine).



Project details