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My passion for theme parks and more specifically Disneyland led me to create, with some friends, my own news media: DLP Report. It was a great way for me to experience a little bit of Disney magic every day even though I was living quite a distance from Disneyland at the time.

I have learned a lot from this project especially about teamwork but also in managing a social network, I have also been able to improve my English as we publish daily in both French and English.

In just one year, we have become a major reference and our work is often highlighted and cited by other French and international media. We are part of the official InsidEARS program.

One year of DLPReport: 17.7K subscribers on Facebook, 17.5K on Twitter, 12K on Instagram, 4.24K on YouTube, a podcast in English, a shop and a lave show. In July 2020, DLP Report became a association of which I am the vice-president.

You’ll find some of my work below.

Social & Design

My role at DLP Report consists primarily of managing the Facebook page, the website, and designing all visuals.

The designs I create, allow us to communicate on all social networks both on a news as well as a contest or when a new milestone is reached. Every Christmas, we run «  A Disney Fan’s Christmas » (a kind of advent calendar with a lot of gifts to win) for which I do the videos and all the graphic design.

You can find some examples here.

The year 2020 has been particularly challenging around the world… With the Disney Parks closure, we had to come up with ideas and new concepts to keep our subscribers entertained. We wanted to continue to share with them some magic.

We then launched many series like #DesigningDLP (where we talked about theme park design), #DLPNights with the most beautiful nighttime shots, but also one about Disney character outfits.

The highlight was the organization of the #DLPAttractionsLeague: a competition during which our subscribers could elect their favorite attraction. The contest lasted several weeks and 100,000 votes later, it was Big Thunder Mountain that was elected! I oversaw all the organization of the contest and all the graphic designs. In 2021, it will be time to choose your favorite show with #DLPEntertainmentLeague!

All the highlights of the year 2020 have been compiled by me in #ReportMemories.

Video Making

In addition to my graphic design work, I was also able to use my video making skills at DLP Report. In fact, I had the opportunity to work on interviews including one with Mark Huffman (Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering) during which he gave us the honor of talking about upcoming projects likeStudio D and Frozen Celebration. We also got to interview Julien Baptist about the New Year’s Eve Party. For these 3 videos, I did the shooting as well as the editing. It was a very rewarding experience and I am very proud that my videos were validated by Disney who congratulated us for their quality. I also worked on other videos including one in motion-design for the launch of our store, a video featuring a hidden detail from thePhantom Manor attraction, a karaoke video featuring the resort’s reopening music or our #DLPRLive Special Halloween show on which I hosted a column as well as did some shooting.

Interview Mark Huffman : Frozen Celebration

Interview Julien Baptist: New Year's Eve Party

DLPR Fan Shop

Phantom Manor - Fun Fact

"Make Some Magic" Lyrics Video


The most important project of 2020 was undoubtedly the opening of our shop! A project of my initiative, on which I worked a lot. Thus, I realized the logo of the shop and also all products and their design.

The collection I am most proud of is « Let the Magic Shine » which is inspired by my favorite show: Mickey and the Magician.


As explained before, I also took care of thelaunch video but also the website, made using Woo Commerce, with the help of another team member. 

"Let the Magic Shine"

"Today, It's Tuesday!"


DLPReport & #DLPRLive

And more...

I was also involved in many other projects such as « Tales from Thunder Mesa » a series of short stories dedicated to the Phantom Manor attraction. I thus took care of the layout of the novel, the page on our website but also the trailer.

My knowledge of Imagineering allowed me to write articles about attractions or even step in as a chronicler on our live shows.


DLP Report

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