L'Appel du Jeu
Live Show

During my 2nd year of Technical Degree, we had to work on the production of two programs that were recorded in live conditions.

In a group of 15, we were asked to work on the concept of a role-playing game show. We then created the web-tv  » L’appel du Jeu  » for which I created the logo and the video animations. A part of the team invented the role-playing game and the scenario of it.

On my side, I had the chance to be the co-director (we were two) of this show. I oversaw the preparation of the virtual environments of the different settings, of the titling and finally of the live editing on a TriCaster console. I was in permanent radio contact with the technical team members (cameramen, rigging engineer, etc.). We shot with a mufti-camera set-up of 5 cameras (3 Sony PXW-FS5) plus the contents of a phone screen (for the dice rolls).

We had also prepared in advance 4 virtual environments (you can see examples on the pictures on the right). The shooting was extremely rewarding because technically overly complex.

The live show lasted about 1h15.

Schéma du Plateau


L'Appel du Jeu

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