Title Sequence

As part of the « Understanding Cinema » course, we had to create, in groups of 2, the fictitious credits of a series of our invention.

To do so, we had to invent the main plot of the series and work on the credits reminding the created universe. We first worked on a storyboard and then we moved on to the realization work. Very quickly, we wanted to mix both 3D and live action. The goal was to work on two different aspects and show the temporal dimension of the series. Indeed, UNCATCHABLES plays on three different temporalities (1981 – 2001 – 2021), so it was necessary to show the differences between the eras and this was done through the 3D objects used, the colors but also the quality of the filmed images.

On my side, I worked on all the special effects on Adobe After Effects and my partner took care of the real shots.

It was a very rewarding job during which I was able to learn many new post-production techniques. 


In a world that is readily evolving with recent technological innovations, three hackers use their computer genius to meet the challenges of their time… From 1983 to 2023 via the early 2000s, their choices were to prove decisive.



Project details